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Family Tour


Family tour is a tour specially designed for family members to join. In order to suit the need for all family members, especially the kids and elderly, family tours normally do not involve stimulating activities, such as roller coaster, Bungy Jump.

If you have kids, you are encouraged to explore new destinations. For instance, if your kids are interested in wild animals, you might plan a family tour to the zoo. Kids shall feel happy and energetic towards the animals. At the same time, you can teach them some knowledge about the animals, which is benefiting and educational for the kids.

Family tour also provides a chance for your family to meet with each other. As a resident in the city, you shall be very busy, who do not have time to celebrate the wonderful moment with your loved one, and family members. You are suggested to have a family tour to a memorable place. For instance,you can have a trip to the Tree House Cottages, which is specialized with rooms atop live trees. Having a stay in the Tree House Cottages, you are surrounded by forests and hills. You cannot find such experience from other resorts, and you can enjoy the memorable moment with your family members.