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An exhibition is a way for companies to display their products to the potential customers, which provides a chance for the customers to understand the products and place the order.

Ananta Hospitality is a professional group of experts that organize the exhibition in the world. Service included pre- paration of exhibition brochure, sending invitation, space selling.

Ananta Hospitality helps to prepare the exhibition brochure for your company. The brochure includes product profile displayed at the exhibition, business visitors’ profiles, etc. The brochure is important to advertise your products towards your potential customers. Ananta Hospitality can even put the information in the exhibitor brochure in the congress website, in order to maximize the advertising effect.

There is a database relating pharmaceutical, medical equipment companies, publications, trade journals and org- anizations from the Ananta Hospitality. Such database can be used for advertisement to the target participants in the exhibition. They can help to send the invitations by mail, phone calls, and personal visit. Presentations can also be arranged to promote the benefits of exhibition.

Exhibition Promotion from Ananta Hospitality
  • Press coverage
  • Arranging industry promotion
  • Sending exhibition brochures
  • Designing and linking the exhibition website to search engines
  • Having advertisement of the exhibition in other key events